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Get a complete health exam, pharmaceuticals, and healthy diet products here.

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• Nutrition for all ages

• Supplements

• Physical Therapy

• Training

• Endoscopy and laparoscopy

• Dental care

• Acupuncture

• Allergy testing

• Stem cell therapy

• Laser therapy

• Preventative immunizations

• Heartworm and Intestinal Parasite Testing

• Complete Blood Count, Blood Chemistries

• X-Rays, EKG, Endocrine laboratory testing

From puppyhood to senior years

Immunize and invest in thorough testing

Total care is available

Be sure your dog gets all necessary vaccines

It's easy to protect your dog against common diseases. Vaccinate against highly contagious diseases that cause serious illness. Such diseases include Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Tracheobronchitis,and Rabies. After an evaluation, other vaccinations may be recommended.

Give your puppy the best start

From setting your new puppy up with the best supplies and letting him adjust easily to his new home, you've begun taking  care of him in the best way possible. Let us help with any house-breaking and obedience issues.

Let us help care for your aging dog

Keep your geriatric pet comfortable, well-fed, and give him regular exercise. Look for signs that he is in any discomfort, and if so bring it to our attention immediately so we can make sure everything is done to keep your dog comfortable.

What to watch for at home

• Check your dog’s mouth, eyes and ears regularly.

• Watch for loose teeth, redness, swelling or discharge.

• Keep your pet’s sleeping area clean and warm.

• Groom your pet often and look for any unusual sores or lumps

• Make fresh water available at all times.

• Maintain a regime of proper nutrition, exercise and love

New puppy? You should visit Wadhams Veterinary Clinic as soon as possible, but you can start your dog at any age.

Make your boarding reservations today!

  • Climate controlled kennels or suites

  • Separate quarters for dogs and cats

  • Joint orthopedic beds

  • Daily exercise

  • Vet monitored environment

  • Care and wellbeing by licensed technicians

  • Stainless steel food & water bowls provided (ALL food provided)

  • Bathing and leash walks upon request