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Get the best care and latest technology for your cat's health benefit.

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• AVID® Microchips

• Philips HD3 Ultrasound

• Complete Line of Shampoos and foods

• Preventative Immunizations

• Ophthalmology Services

• Behavior Counseling

• Allergy Testing

• Laser

• Nutrition

• Laser Surgery Unit

• Laser Therapy Treatment

• Routine and specialized surgeries


Only the best tools to care for your feline friend

Prevent disease in your cat and keep him healthy and happy

Bring your cat for additional services for complete health.

• Complete Health Examinations

• Appropriate Pharmaceuticals

• Heartworm and Intestinal Parasite Testing

• Complete Blood Count, Chemistries, X-Rays, EKG

• Nutraceuticals

• Orthopedics

• Dental and After Care Services

• Blood Pressure

• Complete Line of Shampoos

• Complete Line of Therapeutic Diets

Get the best start for your new kitten or cat

If you have a new kitten you may be wondering where to start. You've likely stocked up on toys, carrier bed, blanket and other common supplies. Invest in your bundle of joy's health by letting us school you in nutrition and scheduling regular checkups.


There is much you can do at home to ensure your cat's health too.


• Check your cat's mouth, eyes or ears regularly. Watch for loose teeth, redness, swelling or discharges.

• Keep your pet's sleeping area clean and warm.

• Make fresh water available at all times.


Let us help with common problems including obesity, arthritis, tooth loss, decay, constipation, colds, and infections. Your aging cat can also receive the best care.

Your vet will discuss the many benefits that come along with sterilization, and you can learn about the surgical process of having your cat spayed or neutered.

Engage in population control by spaying and neutering your cat

Check for internal and external parasites including  ticks, lice, ear mites, roundworm, and tapeworm. Help your cat be comfortable and happy.

Keep parasites away with regular checks

Make your boarding reservations today!

  • Climate controlled kennels or suites

  • Separate quarters for dogs and cats

  • Joint orthopedic beds

  • Daily exercise

  • Vet monitored environment

  • Care and wellbeing by licensed technicians

  • Stainless steel food & water bowls provided (ALL food provided)

  • Bathing and leash walks upon request